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What to do if your feeling sick – From the NYC Health Office

If you have mild to moderate symptoms, stay home. You should not seek medical care or try to get tested. By staying home, you reduce the possibility of transmission to others, including health care workers who are needed to care for the more seriously ill.

If you are over 50 years old or have chronic conditions, consult your doctor. They may want to monitor you more closely. 

If your symptoms do not go away or get worse after three to four days, consult with your doctor. 

Stay home for at least seven days after your symptoms started. Make sure that you have been fever-free for three days without the use of fever-reducing drugs, such as Tylenol and ibuprofen. Also, make sure that your cough and sore throat are better before you go back to your routine. If you never had a fever, stay at home for at least three days after your symptoms start improving. 

If you go out to see your doctor, wear a face mask if available. If possible, take a private car, sit in the back seat and roll down the window. 

If you have more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and very high fever, go to an emergency department. Call 911 if you need help right away.