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Thank You for helping us achieve our “Vision 2020!”

Since our founding in 2002, we’ve grown from serving six families to serving more than 250 women and children annually. The past 17 years has seen us increase the number of units in our housing portfolio to 150, expand in programmatic scope to include on-site mental health services, employment supports, and educational training to meet the diverse needs of the women we serve. A recent expansion of our housing portfolio saw the addition of 35 additional units of housing for female veterans--making us the largest provider of permanent housing for this population in New York City. Our work at the forefront of criminal justice reforms in the five boroughs has successfully moved 140 women and counting from unnecessary detention in city jails.

Our ongoing commitment to do more for women experiencing homelessness in New York City has led to an exciting new opportunity: HousingPlus recently embarked on our first-ever partnership with private sector stakeholders to create even more affordable permanent housing for women and children in need. This effort, “Linwood Park Apartments,” is currently under development near our housing sites in East New York, and is a collaborative partnership between HousingPlus, B&B Urban, L+M Development Partners, and MHG architects. The project will include housing for formerly homeless families (30 units), low income families earning under 50% of AMI (10 units), and low income individuals and families earning under 60% of AMI (59 units). HousingPlus will provide lease assistance and social service supports to 30 units for formerly homeless families. These brand new units are slated for completion and lease-up in early 2020.

In celebration of our efforts to expand permanent housing options for women and children in crisis, we’re excited to announce the start of our campaign Vision 2020.

Sign up to donate $20 a month through the end of 2020 to help us sustain and expand our services for women and children. Every donation we receive helps make sure that we have the resources to provide the high-quality services that our tenants--current and new--need to get back up on their feet and thrive following homelessness.


Thanks to a cohort of donors like you, we are paving the way to create more supportive permanent housing to help even more women and children in need. Stay up-to-date with our efforts by subscribing to our newsletter.

Thank you again for helping us open doors for women and children in crisis.