At HousingPlus, we provide women, gender expansive people, and families with comprehensive services to support them, empower them, and help them to build stable lives.

Everyone in our justice initiatives and permanent supportive services receives comprehensive support and case management, including access to counseling, education, employment support, and more.

Trauma & Mental Health Services

Women and people in crisis have urgent needs for trauma counseling and clinical interventions. As we know from our daily work with tenants, the enormous stress of homelessness often triggers severe mental health challenges. Our on-site Clinical Care Manager provides timely, personalized trauma counseling on an ongoing basis, where people can feel safe and secure. Tenants receive referrals to other mental health or treatment programs in the community as-needed.

As women and the people we serve are able to process their trauma and stabilize their mental health, we see that they gain the necessary stability to pursue bigger goals like education, employment, or reconnecting with their families. 

Employment & Educational Services

The employment and educational services at HousingPlus empower women to build stable lives, and to define and realize their goals. 

Our staff work with women and eligible youth between the ages of 15 and 23 to help them build necessary employment skills, set career goals, and secure a job that suits their strengths and provides a steady, livable income.

Each person develops an Individualized Service Plan in partnership with an interdisciplinary team. Plans may include completing a GED, enrolling in postsecondary education, participating in job readiness activities, job searching, finding employment, long-term job retention, and career advancement.

We help each tenant to achieve their goals by providing comprehensive job search and career services, and by providing referrals to organizations that can help tenants to receive priority consideration for employment.