Institutional Supporters of $1000+

264 Essex Steet Realty LLC
360 Philanthropy Group LLC
Abrams Capital
Avalon Trust
B&B Urban
Barclays Capital
BMO Capital Markets
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Charina Charitable Endowment
The Church on the Hill
Clarkstown Reformed Church
Con Edison
Corner Foundation Inc
Dira Realty LLC
Duvernay + Brooks LLC
Enterprise Community Partners
Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA)
Fisher Brothers Foundation Inc
Greenlight Capital
Heart and Soul Foundation
HERos in Deed Inc
Hirschen, Singer & Epstein LLP
Hudock Capital Group LLC.
Initialized Capital Management
Irvin Stern Foundation
L+M Development Partners Inc
The Lucretia Philanthropic Foundation Inc
Marble Collegiate Church
Mary J Hutchins Foundation Inc
Mother Cabrini Foundation
Old First Reformed Church
Sills Family Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
Tiger Foundation
Trinity Church Wall Street
Venable Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A
William and Dorothy O’Neill Foundation
Women Building Up

2022 Individual Supporters of $1000+

Nanette Alexander
Rosália Aquino McMillen
Bonnie and Gilbert Bach
Susan and Benjamin Baxt
Marla Behrman
Ellen Breslow Newhouse
Catherine Brown
Quentin Esme Brown and Adam Dessoky
Melissa A. Browne
Susan Burke
Lisa A. Chaney Esq. and Robert Chaney
Phyllis Chillingworth
Nora Coblence
Annabel Davis-Goff
Anne Delaney
John Delaney
Carol and James Dillon
Katherine Dillon and Jeffrey Murphy
Susan Disney Lord
Judith and Tony Evnin
Teresa Fabi
Michelle Feldman and Evan Berger
Francis L. Fraenkel and Frances Sweeney
Sally Franklin and Omri Asta
Frederica Gamble
Marilyn Gelber
Mary Gherty and Arthur Lehman
Elke Grimm
Peter Grossman and Lawrence Timmins
Marjorie and Ward Ives
Jennifer Jones Austin
Deborah and Ira Katznelson
Paul Lance and Jed Cohen
Joan Lazarus
Nancy and Alan Locker
Jeanette Loeb
Katherine Maughan
Elizabeth and Michael Mayers
Joan McGreevy
Mamie McIndoe
Carrissa Kimiko Menendez
Lois Anne Murphy and Brian Smith
Jenny Nichols
Zoe Perret
Sylvia Ridlen
Christine Ryan and John Zimmer
Maryanne Schretzman
Brooke Pearlman and Teghvir Sethi
Vikram Shah
Lorie Smith Goshin, PhD
Nancy and David Solomon
Eileen and James Thomas
Sandra Turner and Philippa Weismann
Jermaine Warren and Afaf Ibraheem Warren
Susan West
Susan Wiviott and Andre Aciman
Amy Wollensack
Arno Zimmer
Rita Zimmer