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Seventeen years ago, HousingPlus opened its doors to six families and six single women who had been incarcerated and homeless and needed safe housing and assistance to re-enter the life of the community. We handed each woman a key to her own apartment. The women thrived.

Today, we house more than 150 women and families. Our uniquely holistic approach helps women facing homelessness build lives of their own. We:

  • Provide housing so they can create real homes
  • Help them get suitable jobs
  • Help them address the traumatic events that may have caused their homelessness: chronic abuse, drug addiction, incarceration, and for female veterans, physical disabilities and emotional suffering.

HousingPlus is one of the city’s—and the nation’s—most progressive and successful not-for-profit housing and support programs. Our work benefits not only the women we serve, but the communities in which they live and the people of New York

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community-based housing and comprehensive services to women, including women with children, to support them in overcoming poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, and the effects of incarceration, in order to build lives of stability, and to define and realize goals for themselves and for their families.


Meet the first tenants to move into the brand new Linwood Park Apartments

Criminal Justice

We've created innovative programs to serve women with criminal justice histories.

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Female Veterans

Our program for female veterans, the first in New York City, is built for their unique needs unique needs.

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Employment Support

We create individualized plans with our tenants to help them find jobs, enroll in school, and achieve financial security.

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